T19 - Coffee, drinks and tasty snacks

"Classic and simply delicious" that's our T19. With over 50 seats and a large, golf course overlooking terrace it's a popular gathering point for hotel guests, walkers, golfers and many more.

In a relaxed and casual atmosphere we serve a wide-ranging menu that combines tasty snacks, our popular evergreens, a variety of daily specials and main dishes. Our menu leaves nothing to be desired. 

In addition the short waiting times turn our T19 into a perfect location for your lunch break.

Delicious coffee specialties, cool beer and cocktails round off the range in our T19.

It's worth a visit.


open daily from 12 am to 10 pm

good & solid

marinated warm lentils and vegetables with mushrooms, sour cream and potato biscuits
12,90 €

prawn skewer
6,50 €
corn poulard breast
7,50 €

sausage salad „Switzerland style“ with Emmental cheese, onions and pickles
big 8,50 €
small 6,50 €

beef roulade with apple-brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes
17,50 €

roastbeef with onions “Swabian style” with seasonal vegetables and Swabian noodles
24,50 €

escalope of pork with fries and mixed salad
13,00 €

escalope of veal with cucumber-dill-salad and fried potatoes
23,50 €

sandwiches & burgers

„Golfer“ club sandwich with turkey steak, bacon, egg, tomato and fries
10,50 €

“Wintergrün” with 100% beef, brioche bun, bacon, cheese, plum chutney, red onions, lamb’s lettuce and sweet potato fries
15,00 €

“Green-Burger” with olive-polenta patty, avocado pesto, feta cheese, grilled vegetables and steak fries        
13,80 €

pasta & Swabian raviolis

in butter melted homemade Swabian raviolis with ricotta-spinach filling and potato salad
11,90 €

homemade spaghettini with bolognese sauce and Parmesan cheese
9,40 €


green peas and potato stew with bacon and sausage
11,50 €

frothy soup from carrots and ginger with fig and peanut skewer
7,70 €

soup of the day
5,80 €

light & healthy

Thai-vegetable curry with rice
11,50 €

prawns 6,50 €
roasted turkey 5,50 €
roasted beef 7,50 €

lamb’s lettuce with quinces, bacon and croutons
7,50 €

“Hopfenweiler” salad variation
small 6,50 €
big 9,50 €


baked apple mousse with marzipan ice cream, roasted almonds and rum raisins
8,60 €

walnut ice cream with plum cumble
7,50 €

apple strudel with vanilla ice cream
6,50 €