The Waldsee Golf-Resort is set in the grounds of an former manor and is located in the middle of the beuatiful landscape of Upper Swabia in the south of Germany. The historical barn was integrated into the new buildings and so a successful symbiosis of old an new came into beeing.

Construction period: 1996 – 1998
Architect: Wolfram Wöhr

Architectural award (first place): „Exemplary Construction Award", 1999 in the district of Ravensburg.


The first chapel was build in 1606 by seneschal Heinrich as a private chapel for the manor of Hopfenweiler.

The present chapel acquired princess Sophia from Waldburg-Wolfegg in 1889 at the Paris International Exposition. Under the guidance of the architect Carl Haggeney the chapel was establishes instead of the old demolished one.